*Due to worldwide shipping and supply issues, we will not have Ditto oven-bake clay red, green, silver and raw umber in the studio. Other colours may run out. Available colours will be substituted. Earthenware clay colours may vary on projects due to supply issues.

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Clay Wheel | Adult Workshop | Ages 15 and up

Terms & Agreements (Click to Expand)
  • I understand all participants must be at least 15 years old to attend this workshop
  • Workshops are charged by the hour and that I see the amount of time estimates to complete. However the amount of time will fluctuate depending on the artist.
  • All projects are completed in studio and I cannot take materials home to complete.
  • I have read the workshop frequently asked questions and polices, as seen here.
  • I acknowledge the quantity box below is the number of stations I am booking.
  • The general pick-up timelines for artwork are as follows:
    - Clay - Ready in 5 days
    - Oven-Bake Ditto Clay - Ready in 2 days
    - Paintings - Ready in 2 days

Keep calm & spin on.


Choose between fully instructed demonstration or
independent practice time with instructors nearby if needed.

Learn to create on the potter’s wheel.
Or you can practice, if you have already taken the introductory class once or a few times.

*Please only book practice time if you are fully confident you can set up, throw and clean up on your own as fully one on one instruction will not be available during this time. That being said, there will be instructors available to answer questions.

  • Each person receives up to 800g of clay for throwing. Additional clay is available for purchase.
  • Each set of 2 people will share one wheel.
  • Each person throws up to 2 bowls. The second bowl must be started at least 20 minutes before the end of your booked time.

Spaces book very fast! :) 


Materials Clay
Techniques and Skills
You Will Learn
Clay wheel
Approx. Size 4in height × 4in width


Recommended Minimum Booking Times

Creating time: 1.5 hours available per workshop

Glazing time can be booked approx. 5 days after making. 

You can book glazing time from the current month's workshop page (for example: if you an adult and it is October, book your glazing time from our October Adult Workshops page).

Glazing time is $15/hr. You can glaze more than one piece during your glazing booking, time permitting. 

For example, if you book an hour glazing, and can finish glazing 2 pieces from 2 different building or throwing sessions in that hour glazing session - that is great!

Sessions Required 2

Workshop FAQs